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online drupal 7 training course for beginners

  •  drupal tutorial for beginners

Welcome to drupal 7 training course for beginners 

Using the robust open-source content management system (CMS) Drupal, content-managed websites that serve as the backbone of our clients’ content strategy and delivery efforts 

  • Why You Use Drupal for Your Next Website
  1. Open Source
    Open Source means that the code used to run Drupal can be copied, modified, and shared with others. 
    Anyone with the skill can download and use the Drupal code, make whatever changes they want, and 
    send those changes out to anyone else, or even contribute the changes back to Drupal for others to use and share.
  2. The advantages of the open source model
    Free to download and use.
    No licensing fees.
    No proprietary “black box.”
    A community of developers.

  3. Drupal Features

  • Clean, Extensible, & Modular Code
  • High Performance
  • Easy integration with 3rd party applications using
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Unparalleled Security
  • Management of Content by End User
  • Commercial Support

    Drupal Websites


Drupal is not as hard as it looks. I'm a Drupal Developer that currently teaches Drupal in my spare time to business owners that have design experience.
I have helped them use Drupal the easy way. So I figured why not put these videos online. 
If you have a Drupal question, or would like to know something about Drupal that bugs you and you need some guidance, 
let me know. I will be happy to help! I'm sorry if I can't respond to all comments and emails. 
I work at a job too :) please be patient. Thank you.

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